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Code Width Length Thickness Mass-Kg

XC 11-24/T12

1100 2400 12.0 30.9Kg
XC 11-27/T12 1100 2700 12.0 34.7Kg
XC 11-30/T12 1100 3000 12.0 38.6Kg

eXCOM fibre-cement sheets conform to the requirements of AS/NZS2908.2: Cellulose-Cement Products Part 2: Flat Sheets.

12mm Multiboard products are classified Type A, Category 3, in accordance with AS2908.2 'Cellulose-Cement Products'.

The approximate weight of eXCOM at equilibrium moisture content is as tabulated below:
Nominal Thickness Approx. Weight (kg/m2)
12mm 11.7
A 1100mm x 2400mm sheet of 12mm Multiboard weighs approximately 31kg.
eXCOM has a robust smooth surface with off white edges. eXCOM comes with square edges on all sides.  
eXCOM is readily available in 12mm thickness in the following sizes:
Thickness Length Width (mm)
(mm) (mm) 1100
12 2400
The manufacturing tolerances for eXCOM are as follows:
Width (0, -3mm)
Length (0, -4mm)
Thickness (+/- 0.25mm)

eXCOM is deemed as a non-combustible product under the Building Code of Australia, Part

When tested in accordance with AS1530.3, the Early Fire Hazard Indices are as follows:

Ignitability Index 0 Range 0-20
Spread of Flame Index 0 Range 0-10
Heat Evolved Index 0 Range 0-10
Smoke Developed Index 0-1 Range 0-10
eXCOM was tested to AS 3837 and found to have a Group 1 classification and average specific extinction area >0.1m2/kg.  
Spacing (mm) Location (mm) Wind Classification to AS 4055
N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6
Top Hat Spacing Within 1200 of building edge 600 600 600 450 300 300
Elsewhere 600 600 600 600 450 450
Fastner Spacing Within 1200 of building edge 200 200 200 200 200 200
Elsewhere 200 200 200 200 200 200
Environmental Classification Appropriate Fastner (Screw)
> 400m from ocean or from severe marine influence AS 3566 Class 3
Severe marine influence and up to 400m from marine environment AS 3566 Class 4 - Stainless Steel